Abandoned Cart Emails Pump Up the Business for Small Multi-channel Retailers

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You’ve carefully crafted your customer conversion process and spread your marketing dollars across a variety of channels. You’re successfully driving traffic to your site; however, many visitors choose the items they want, only to abandon their shopping carts.

This adds up to a costly challenge for any multi-channel retailer and represents billions of dollars in lost revenue for retailers annually. Even though several recent studies have found that cart abandonment occurs at an average rate of 67%, over two-thirds of retailers don’t send emails to prospective customers who abandon their carts!

Abandoned cart emails are cost-effective and nurture those compelled to begin the buying process (and were extremely close to completing it) to come back to purchase. When a multi-channel retailer views abandoned carts as opportunities to re-engage their prospective customers, they pump up their orders.

It’s simple arithmetic — and you don’t have to be a mega retailer to benefit from the process!

First, make sure your website can track the abandoned carts and that your order management system can quickly process your orders and track your customers. Then, combine these back end capabilities with an automated series of follow-up abandoned cart emails that re-engage potential customers and grow your business!

Joyce Jacobs, of the ecommerce retailer Exclusively Weddings (www.exclusivelyweddings.com), uses MACH Software as her integrated order management system. Her website tracks abandoned carts and she send out emails to those potential customers on a daily basis.

[quote style=”1″]“We have two campaigns for our abandoned customers separating cart from checkout,” Jacobs noted. “Each campaign is made up of two email sends – the first send is focused on service benefits and is sent out within a few hours of abandonment. The second email offers a discount and is only sent two days later if the first email does not result in a conversion.”[/quote]

Jacobs said Exclusively Weddings conversion rate from the abandoned cart emails comes in around 15% and she would recommend using the marketing tool to other online retailers.

[quote style=”1″]”It’s a great way to re-engage prospects and turn them into customers,” she said. “And if you have the order management system that gives you the ability to complete the sale quickly and accurately, you can turn new customers into repeat customers.”[/quote]

Tips to Make your Abandoned Cart Email Successful

Timing is Critical

We recommend sending your first email within 24 hours of cart abandonment. This makes a connection with your visitors while their interaction with your brand is fresh in their mind. Design your first email as a gentle reminder that they want what they placed in their carts. To prevent visitors from feeling like you’re invading their privacy, don’t include any specific information about the prospective customer and provide an easy method for them to opt-out of future emails.

Using Compelling Subject Lines That Provide a Message of Customer Service

Your abandoned cart emails should provide a message of customer care. Creating a smooth re-engagement process will increase your conversion rate. Tone down the sales in your messages by using subject lines such as:

  • Was there a problem?
  • How can we help?
  • Did we answer all of your questions?

Place thumbnail views of the items the consumer originally placed in their carts in the email. Include links to supporting documents or FAQs and provide a toll-free number in case they have questions about their order. This type of messaging makes prospective customers feel your follow-up is genuine.

Use Incentives in Subsequent Email

If your first email doesn’t convert, we recommend a multi-channel retailer encourages sales by offering a promotion such as s discount or free shipping in a subsequent email sent 24 to 48 hours after cart abandonment. If you decide to offer a discount, refer to it in the subject of your emails. Make sure that when they click a link to complete their purchase, their cart contains the items they abandoned.

To prevent abuse of your system, make sure your order management system recognizes repeat visitors to your site.

MACH Multi-channel Order Management Software

If you have any questions about abandoned cart emails or how MACH Software will create a consistent customer experience across multiple channels, please contact us today! You can request a Free Demo of MACH Multi-channel Order Management Software or call us at: 1-800-660-1275.

We’re here to help you quickly grow your business!


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