Yes! We are PCI Compliant & PA-DSS Certified!

With all of the discussion and debate about the importance of PCI Compliance, one of the things overlooked is whether or not your order management software is PA-DSS Certified. What does that mean? Well, simply put, it means that the component of your software that handles, manages, processes your credit card transactions has been audited and tested by a Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) to be compliant with the PCI Security Council’s requirements for protecting your customers’ personal, and specifically their credit card, information.

Be sure to check on the PCI Security Council’s website to see that your order management software is on the list AND be sure that, if you are choosing an order management system, that they are approved for NEW installations! MACH Software is approved for new installations so you can be sure that your PCI qualified security assessor will approve of its use in your business.

Data Management Associates, Inc. ( that’s our corporate name ) spent a lot of time and money taking the necessary steps to protect your customers’ data and becoming PA-DSS Certified. This certification carries weight with your customers; it’s a sign that you care about their peace of mind so take advantage of it and let them know that you use PA-DSS Certified software.