What We Do

We offer ERP software for your omni-channel business. You send out paper catalogs and take phone orders. You have retail stores where you sell where you sell using a Point Of Sale system. You run an ecommerce site that takes online orders. Our MACH order management system is fully integrated and designed to help you run a profitable business across all major customer touch points (channels).

You need a system that’s multi-channel and fully integrated. You need a complete package to run your business. MACH Software meets that need and surpasses it.

We’re a full Commerce solution. Running a successful business means managing purchasing, order processing, inventory management, marketing, accounting, and more. With the MACH Software suite, you can manage all your sales-related operations collectively through one system, eliminating the need for multiple software programs.

See Measurable Productivity Gains with MACH
Productivity increases are foremost on the minds of multi-channel merchants trying to grow their business without adding additional staff. By installing MACH, your company will experience productivity gains of up to 50% in the five most important departments: Order processing/Call center, Warehouse/Fulfillment, Marketing, Purchasing, and Accounting.

We Scale With Your Growth
We’re the company ideally suited for the frustrated cataloger who needs to move away from homegrown or entry-level limiting software. We have helped many catalogers grow dramatically! The average DMA client experiences growth of at least 20% per year after implementing MACH.

We have clients who range from 10-400 workstations processing 50-50,000 orders per day, with an inventory of 100-50,000 items, multiple warehouse locations and 0-36 POS retail locations. The system can store millions of customer records, and the MACH Internet connectivity and integration component allows for unlimited growth.

Working Together Towards Your Success
Data Management Associates (MACH Software) has been in the catalog/ecommerce industry for more than 30 years. Our owners have continually expanded the company and enhanced the software to meet the changing needs of the ecommerce industry. By combining our software with our support team’s extensive knowledge/experience, we have successfully delivered a long-term solution. When clients come to MACH, they stay with MACH.