Our History

MACH Software, developed by Data Management Associates (DMA), delivers a complete commerce solution for mid-sized multi-channel businesses. Our clients rely on MACH Software to run the mission critical functions of their businesses – from order management to accounting and marketing applications.

The software is feature rich at an exceptional value. MACH Software offers completely integrated programs for e-commerce, call center, retail point of sale, order processing, warehouse management, marketing, promotion analysis, purchasing, and complete accounting/financials. MACH Software is also customizable by the developers at DMA to provide solutions to any business needs.

The History of Data Management Associates


Randy Nettling and Phil Potter founded Data Management Associates Inc, a business software development and installation company.

Early 1980s

DMA partnered with Thornton Computer Management System to develop SLICE, an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software package for the “Green” industry. Over the next 10 years, more than 300 Nurseries or Landscape Contractors in the U.S. and Canada purchased the program.


DMA developed the predecessor to the catalog management software MACH and installed it at Sportsmans Market, then a $2 million aviation and home accessories cataloger. By the early nineties, DMA shifted its focus to the catalog industry and installed catalog management systems at Gardens Alive on IBM systems.

Early 1990’s

DMA shifted focus to the catalog industry and installed catalog management systems at Gardens Alive on IBM Systems.


The software had been rewritten with more features and standardized components. It was called MACH (Mail order And Catalog House), and was installed at several new catalog companies – Dom’s Outdoors, Exclusively Weddings, Emergency Essentials, and Shiffler Equipment. Since that time, MACH has been continually improved and installed in more than 50 catalog and mail order clients all over the US. Sportsman’s Market is still a thriving customer of DMA with sales of more than $75 million.

Early 2000’s

Because of the scalable Universe multi-value database, MACH software clients avoided the Y2K scare of 1999. DMA added several clients including Soccer Village, Jack Stack BBQ, and the Printery House of Conception Abbey. The software expanded its capabilities with more than a dozen new features including Personalization and Continuity. MACH Software began interfacing real-time with client websites. As the industry shifted from catalog to multi-channel, the ability to provide fully-integrated retail POS, e-commerce, and call center software gave MACH clients an edge in the changing market place.


DMA launched its web interface version of MACH Software. This early adoption of the web browser, rather than a standalone Windows program as the user interface provided MACH clients with a shorter learning curve and moved the traditional Order Entry Model to a Customer Service Orientation.


As online credit card security became a focus industry, retailers turned their attention to PCI Compliance and began the search for PA-DSS Certified ERP Software Systems. MACH Software was an early adopter of tokenization for all Credit Card processing which eliminated the storing of credit card numbers on the systems. MACH was one of the first order management systems to pass the rigorous level 2 PA-DSS requirements.


DMA has grown to support MACH Software clients with over 60 Catalog Titles, 80+ Retail Locations, and over 100 Websites. Those clients have annual sales ranging from $2 Million to $100+ Million and 10 to 400 Users.