Jack Stack Barbecue Racks up Ten Years of Rib Growth with MACH Software

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Kansas City based Jack Stack Barbecue, whose signature ribs have been named America’s best by Zagat’s Survey is celebrating its 10th year as a MACH Software client.

When Jack Stack came to MACH, it had three restaurants, a new catalog/Internet business, and a desire to rapidly grow its business. The company needed an order management system that offered the analysis tools it needed to gather the timely strategic and tactical marketing intelligence necessary to measure and plan future marketing efforts. They partnered with MACH Software.

Through the partnership, MACH has worked with Jack Stack to help it expand its business, reduce costs and improve customer service.

In the warehouse, MACH has been instrumental in streamlining and improving the barbecue maker’s shipping procedures. Because Jack Stack sends out a perishable good, it is important its product arrives to the correct address in the least amount of time, yet as economically as possible. Through MACH software, Jack Stack can verify addresses, estimate the ship time and determine which box is needed to safely pack the product in just the right amount of dry ice – not too much which would waste money, and not too little because the product could spoil.

MACH has helped Jack Stack enhance its marketing efforts in several ways. Working through MACH Software and using the third-party marketing automation tool Silverpop, Jack Stack now sends more targeted and focused email campaigns. Using customer and order data from MACH, Silverpop schedules email campaigns that drive more business to Jack Stack’s web site.

As the popularity of gift certificates has increased, the ability to purchase and use certificates from any channel has become more critical. When gift certificates were first introduced, customers could only buy them from the channel where they would be spent. MACH partnered with third party Paytronix to enhance the software for Jack Stack so customers can purchase a certificate from web, restaurant, or catalog and use it in any Jack Stack channel.

Jack Stack has several BBQ sauces and rubs to choose from. One of its popular packages gives customers the ability to mix and match BBQ sauces and rubs into a custom six-pack. When this was first introduced, Jack Stack had to print out these orders and manually add them to MACH’s order management system. To improve the ordering functionality, MACH Software worked with Jack Stack’s ecommerce platform partner and set up the ability for the platform to send the mix-n-match orders directly into MACH Software so they can be filled more accurately and quickly.

Since the implementation of MACH Software, Jack Stack has added a fourth restaurant, moved into new, larger warehouse facilities, soon begins construction on a fifth restaurant, and continues growing their business significantly each year.

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